Fire System Repairs and Refurbishment

A Fire Fighting System depends on proper installation, along with a good engineering design and high-quality materials. All these are advantageous only when supported by a dedicated team. At Vaccifire, we have mastered the art of installation with years of experience behind us, under rigorous conditions.
Our installation and maintenance team consists of certified welders, fitters, riggers and also semi-skilled labourers who work in tandem with us on all our projects. We are very sure of our workmanship because our selection procedure for hiring is very tough and we attract only the best.
We are certain of what we deliver and that is the reason we give a guarantee for all our installation works.
We ensure proper finishing touches to our projects for aesthetics which results in a healthy, robust and neat system establishment.
A good fire fighting system comprises of many subsystems which include:
• Fire Sprinkler System Installation
• Fire Hydrant and Riser System Installation
• Fire Detection System Installation
• Fire Alarm Systems Installation (FASI)
• Public Address Systems Installation (PASI)
• Fire Extinguisher System Installation
• Fire Suppression Systems Installation
• Fire Pump Systems Installation and Calculations
• Hydraulic Sprinkler Systems Installation and Calculations
• Fire alarm system and Pump system panel
• Fire Pump Control Panel Installation.
Our fire- fighting systems are full proof because we pay special attention to our raw materials. We don’t believe in ‘Compromise’. And that is why for all our installations we use only branded and certified products, like; machinery, tools, and tackles. We always recommend the use of high quality and lasting consumables which ensure excellent results for a long life. This helps us to adhere to highest standard of work practice for all our processes including installations.
We believe in time management. In addition to our high-quality workmanship, we also keep time schedule in perfect sync. We exhibit high speed in the execution of our work, which in turn helps in timely delivery. The tight work schedule results in minimal overheads and keeping repairs and installation budgets under your control.
We hold the Fire license issued by Government of Maharashtra, making us an authorized service provider for Form B issuance.
We provide spare service support to make system operational as and when required. We have dedicated team for Spare repair and replacement to give quick service support.

Don’t Let Faulty Spare become Cause of Fire. We are There to Support You.