Rundown Fire System in a 35 Floor Highrise in Dadar Restored to Mint Condition


Multiple maintenance lags underlying The Majestic Tower’s high-rise system made it imperative to restore its functionality and health. We pledged to rectify all deficiencies discussed during meetings, ensuring the system’s operational efficiency. Proactive measures, including regular maintenance and corrosion prevention through painting, were highlighted as crucial steps. <new paragraph> Our structured plan of action, devised following a comprehensive assessment, swiftly targeted identified issues. This encompassed repairing motors and pumps, addressing leakages, and implementing automated pump settings. As a result, the system is now fully operational status and in mint condition. Moreover, the customer’s endorsement of our services underscores the success of our endeavors.

Project Info

Site: Majestic Tower
Location: Dadar, Mumbai
Structure: 35+ Floor Residential Highrise
Service Provided: Fire Hydrant System and Fire Alarm System Maintenance


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