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Industrial Utility Piping Systems: Efficient Fluid Transfer for Industries

At Elixir Engineering Pvt. Ltd., we specialize in utility piping installation, design and maintenance tailored to meet the unique needs of industries across India. These systems play a crucial role in transporting or processing various fluids—both liquids and gases—essential for industrial processes.
An improperutility piping installation can cause a loss of lakhs of rupees annually due to higher pressure drops, frequent leakages, higher power and fuel consumption and even be the cause of deadly accidents.

industrial utility piping services
industrial utility piping services installation

Understanding Industrial Utility Piping:

1. Process Piping vs. Utility Piping: Process piping involves transporting substances directly involved in production processes. Utility piping services include Steam, Oil, Chilled water, cooling water, compressed air, nitrogen etc.

2. Materials Used: We work with an array of materials and pipe types forindustrial piping services:

Mild Steel (ERW / Seamless)
Galvanized Steel (ERW)
Stainless Steel 304 (ERW / Seamless)
Ductile Iron

3. Inline Components: Valves regulate fluid flow, controlling direction, rate, and pressure. Different types of valves used are:

Gate Valves,
Globe Valves,
Butterfly Valves
Sluice Valves
Ball Valves

Elbows, Tees, reducers, flanges help in changing the flow direction / quantity or help in installation of other fittings onto the pipe network.

Types of Industrial & Utility Piping Systems:

1. Steam Systems: High (21 Bar) and low-pressure steam systems for heating applications.

2. Water Systems: Chilled water and cooling water systems of industrial HVAC applications. o Reverse osmosis (RO), softened, and deionized (DI) water systems.
Compressed Air / Nitrogen Piping: Delivers pressurized air / nitrogen to specific usage points.

3. Hot Water Systems: Challenges in transporting hot water is addressed through proper pipeline design and quality of insulation

Why Choose Elixir Engineering?

1. Experience: 25+ Years of expertise in fire safety and utility systems.

2. Turnkey Solutions: From design to utility piping installation, we handle it all.

Join hands with Elixir Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Let’s build a more efficient industrial landscape together.

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