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Keeping Your Systems Safe: Fire System Repair and Maintenance

At Elixir, we take pride in our role as fire safety custodians. Our specialized service of fire protectionsystemsfocuses on the repair and upgrade of fire fighting, detection, and suppression systems. As a Govt. Licenced Agency, we ensure that these critical systems remain reliable, efficient, and compliant with safety standards.

Fire System Repairs and Upgradation Service in Mumbai & Pune
fire system maintenance

Our Expertise

1. Fire Alarm Systems

Repair: We diagnose and fix faulty fire alarm components promptly. Whether it’s a malfunctioning sensor, incorrect device address or a control panel issue, we restore functionality in the shortest possible time.

Upgrade: Upgrading fire alarm systems involves replacing outdated components with advanced ones. Generally OEMs stop giving spares support for systems after 15 years. In addition the technological advancements and features available in the new system makes a strong case for upgrading the fire alarm system every 10-15 years. Also transitioning from conventional to addressable systems enhances accuracy in pinpointing alarms.

2. Sprinkler Systems:

Repair: Leaky sprinkler heads, non-functional pumping system, damaged pipes, or valve issues—our team addresses them all. We ensure that sprinklers respond effectively during emergencies.

Upgrade: Upgrading sprinkler systems may involve retrofitting existing sprinklers with quick-response heads, installing additional sprinklers for better coverage or installing Water curtain and Drencher systems wherever necessary.

3. Fire Hydrants:

Repair: During our fire system maintenance procedures, we inspect and maintain hydrants, ensuring they function optimally. Repairs may involve fixing pumps and pipe leaks, lubricating valves, or replacing worn-out or pilfered parts.

Upgrade: Upgrading hydrants includes installing modern hydrant designs, to ensure optimum water flow and pressure at all the hydrant points.

4. Fire Suppression Systems (Gas-Based):

Repair: Gas-based systems like FM-200 or CO2 require periodic checks. We verify pressure levels, leakages, and system integrity.

Upgrade: Upgrading may involve transitioning to more eco-friendly agents or enhancing system controls.

Examples of Our Work

1. Emergency Exit Lighting Repair : We recently repaired malfunctioning exit signs and emergency lighting in a commercial complex. Properly functioning exit signs are crucial during evacuations.

2. Sprinkler Head Replacement: At an industrial facility, we upgraded sprinkler coverage areas and installed quick-response sprinkler heads in high risk areas. This improved the fire suppression efficiency of the entire plant.

3. Fire Alarm Panel Upgrade: In a commercial complex, we replaced an outdated fire alarm panel with an addressable one and also interlocked their ventilation system, access control system and elevators with the fire panel to ensure auto operation of these systems in case of an emergency. In addition, now, staff can quickly identify alarm locations.

4. Hydrant Flow Testing: We conducted flow tests on hydrants in a residential complex, to identify underground pipe leakage, through ultrasound testing. The leaks were identified with pin-point accuracy and the water leakage stopped.

Why Choose Elixir Engineering?

• Expert Technicians: Our skilled technicians handle fire system repairs and upgrades with precision.

• Compliance: We adhere to safety codes and regulations.

• Custom Solutions: Every project is tailored to client needs.

• Emergency Response: We’re available 24/7 for urgent repairs.

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