Addressing a longstanding issue in the 1st-floor garden of Bajaj Bhavan Commercial Building at Cuff Parade, where a hydrant pipe leakage persisted unresolved for two years, was our priority. Promptly, the urgency was conveyed to the client, emphasizing the significance of rectifying the issue for Form B compliance. After client approval of the quotation, the necessary rectifications were made, ensuring all pumps were set to auto mode and fully operational before releasing Form B to the client. <new paragraph>The persistence in obtaining client approval underscored the team’s commitment and professionalism, crucial in achieving a 100% operational system. The system’s full functionality and excellent condition are now confirmed, a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication. The satisfaction expressed by the customer are a validation of the exceptional services provided.

Project Info

Location: Nariman Point, Mumbai
Structure: 14+ Floor Commercial Highrise
Service Provided: Fire Hydrant System and Fire Alarm System Maintenance

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