Dysfunctional Hydrant System Upgraded to Fully Functional Capacity in a Residential Premises in Goregaon


The high-rise tower in Goregaon presented a concerning situation regarding the condition of its hydrant system. It was evident that the system did not meet the required standards, prompting a need for systematic improvement. Recognizing this imperative, a comprehensive plan of action was devised to address the issues methodically.

Upon assessment of the hydrant system, a structured approach was formulated to tackle the identified issues promptly and effectively. The plan involved repairing the motor and pumps, resolving leakage problems across the system, and transitioning the pumps to automatic mode for enhanced functionality.

Following implementation of the outlined course of action, significant improvements were achieved. The system was restored to full operational capacity, exhibiting excellent health. Top pressure was successfully maintained at 3.2 bar, meeting the required standards. Additionally, the necessary documentation, including Form B, was promptly submitted to the customer.

Overall, the systematic approach to addressing the hydrant system issues yielded favorable results, ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of the system for the high-rise tower in Goregaon.


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