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Fire Fighting Audit & AMC Service Providers in Mumbai


We conduct a detailed inspection of the health of the Fire System and advice if any rectification needs to be done. We also offer Spare Service support to make the system Healthy. After a successful Audit, we give Form B Certification for Fire System.  We are one of the leading fire-fighting contractors in Mumbai & Pune.

The purpose of a Fire Safety Audit is to check whether all the provisions are made available as per the norms of the state and most importantly are in perfect working condition as and when the need arises.
An audit also ensures compliance with the law: Failure to carry out a Fire Safety Audit may result in heavy penalties. These may include cutting off water and electricity supplies of the defaulting establishment and in some cases imprisonment of the responsible people.

After the completion of an audit or survey, we can help the premises to get a FIRE NOC in Mumbai

Vaccifire is a licensed expert for Fire Prevention and Life Safety, authorized by Maharashtra Fire Department. Our fire fighting services in Mumbai are famous for discipline in time. We have expertise and knowledge of various legal and mandatory requirements for the task. We also have immense experience across all types of occupancies, and we are compliant with the latest statutory provisions set by different Fire Departments across Maharashtra.
We have a young and robust service team for the Preventing Maintenance activity. We give TAT Bound Service support to all our clients.

Our team carries out fire safety services in Mumbai & around the state of Maharashtra with diligence. We test the system operations in every preventing maintenance schedule at regular intervals.
For managing the Service Support, we have a Unique CRM System with an equipment barcode facility. Customers can monitor the system status anywhere, anytime.

In detail, a Fire Safety audit is a systematic evaluation of the fire risks present in any residential or commercial premises and involves recommendations/ suggestions about correct measures to control and nullify the effects of fires. Vaccifire provides you with the best Fire Safety Auditors in Pune.

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