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Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training is necessary for every individual to know about fire equipment and its operation in case of fire situation. Improper Knowledge on fire may cause to loss of Life and wealth damage. We are the Certified Licenced Agency to Give Fire Training. During Fire Training Vaccifire will take you through detail information from Fire Triangle to Safety Measures.

Currently, a very large portion of the general public is unaware of the need to safeguard themselves from fire and its related consequences with adequate Fire Training. Typically a Fire Control Unit takes anywhere between 3- 7 minutes to reach at the location of the incident. It only takes 3 minutes for a mild fire to grow extensively and cause major damage.

We aim to avoid any mishaps of such kind which is why we essentially advise of conducting a Fire Safety Training session.
Vaccifire is a licensed expert in Fire Prevention and Life Safety, authorized by Maharashtra Fire Department. Essential knowledge and expertise in various and mandatory safety regulations and requirements. Experienced in varied occupancies/industries. Compliant with latest statutory provisions set by different Fire Department across Maharashtra.

We also conduct mock drills, Evacuation drills, Fire System and Equipment Operational Training, Operation techniques of basic fire fighting Equipment. Facilitating proper evacuation, alerting the unaware inhabitants, basic rescue techniques and may more.

We will Train you, how to act in case of fire.

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