Addressing Underground Fire Pipe Leaks: A Vital Concern

Addressing Underground Fire Pipe Leaks: A Vital Concern


Many apartment buildings and industries that have stood for over 8-10 years are grappling with a persistent issue – underground fire pipe leaks. These leaks occur due to accelerated corrosion caused by soil and moisture surrounding the steel pipes. Not only do these leaks result in the wastage of a precious resource, but they can also lead to pump malfunctions and a shortage of water in case of a fire incident, potentially causing catastrophic consequences for building management committees.


Identifying underground pipe leaks is crucial for timely intervention. One clear symptom is the frequent start-stop cycling of the Jockey pump, occurring at intervals of less than 6 hours, without any observable water usage. When there’s no visible evidence of leaks in above-ground pipes or equipment, it strongly suggests underground pipe leakage.

Locating and Repairing the Leakage:

Detecting and addressing leaks in buried underground pipes pose significant challenges. They are not visible to the naked eye and may not be easily traceable even with professional ultrasound equipment.

Furthermore, even if a leak is located, there’s a risk of additional leaks developing in the same pipe over time due to accelerated corrosion affecting the entire length of the buried pipe.

Repairing such leaks is often a temporary “band-aid” solution due to space constraints for proper welding operations. Additionally, the cost of excavation, including redoing flooring finishes, and the disruption caused to traffic during excavation can be prohibitive.

The Solution:

The most effective and long-term solution is to replace underground buried pipes with above-ground ones. This approach eliminates the need for extensive excavation of floors and avoids disruptions to traffic.

Moreover, the lifespan of an above-ground pipe far exceeds that of a buried one, ensuring a lasting investment of at least 20 years. It’s worth noting that the Mumbai Fire Brigade mandates external hydrant lines to be above ground to detect and prevent undetected leakages effectively.

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