Industrial Operation & Maintenance

Industrial Plant Operation & Maintenance Services Providers

EEPL Team are experts in mechanical maintenance and have specialised teams for equipment such as chillers, cooling towers, pumps, motors, etc. We provide predictive and condition-based services such as vibration analysis, Eddy current testing, laser alignment, thermography, and fuel/oil analysis. We offer professionally managed engineering services through a team of highly experienced engineers to help you increase productivity and reduce costs. Every project undertaken by us is handled using the latest equipment and quality material to ensure that performance is timely and of the highest standards. Built on a foundation of smart processes and well-trained personnel, our services provide safe and secure solutions.

We impact people, premises, equipment, and processes by providing integrated solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency and create value. Our core technical expertise and self-delivery solution enables us to execute the miscellaneous engineering services requirements, delivering long terms client’s goals. EEPL expertise effectively manages the predictive preventative maintenance for all critical equipment, enhancing the asset life to a considerable extent.

• Core technical services.
• Annual maintenance services.
• Health and fire safety audits.
• Equipment’s and energy audits.
• Vapour Absorption Heat Pump .
• Chillers and PAC System.
• Internal External Chemical Cleaning of Condensation Coils / Tubes.
• Electrical Panels Operations and Maintenance.
• Cooling Tower Maintenance.
• Diesel Generator Sets.
• Boilers & Heating Systems.

We enhance the SAFETY and PROFITABILITY of your Utilities.