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Industrial Plant Operation & Maintenance Services Providers

For top-tier Industrial Plant Operation & Maintenance Services, EEPL Team is your ultimate choice. We excel in mechanical maintenance with dedicated teams for equipment such as chillers, cooling towers, pumps, and motors. Our services encompass predictive and condition-based solutions, including vibration analysis, Eddy current testing, laser alignment, thermography, and fuel/oil analysis.

Our key differentiators? We offer professionally managed engineering services through highly experienced engineers, aiming to boost productivity and reduce costs. Every project we undertake employs the latest equipment and top-quality materials, ensuring timely and high-standard performance. Safety is our priority, guaranteeing secure industrial plant maintenance solutions.

Our impact goes beyond equipment; we enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall value with integrated solutions. As seasoned industrial maintenance contractors, we specialize in predictive preventative maintenance for critical equipment, extending their lifespan significantly.

Our comprehensive services include core technical services, annual maintenance services, health and fire safety audits, equipment and energy audits, Vapour Absorption Heat Pump, Chillers and PAC System, Chemical Cleaning of Condensation Coils/Tubes, Electrical Panels Operations and Maintenance, Cooling Tower Maintenance, Diesel Generator Sets, and Boilers & Heating Systems.

When you’re in search of top-notch O&M Services in India, including Power Plant Maintenance, EEPL Team ranks among the leading Power Plant O&M Companies in India. We’re your trusted O&M Contractors in India, especially for thermal power plant maintenance. Your satisfaction is our commitment, and we deliver on it!

These services involve the upkeep and efficient running of industrial facilities, including power plants, to ensure they operate smoothly, reliably, and safely.

O&M stands for "Operation and Maintenance," referring to the activities and tasks involved in running and sustaining industrial plants and equipment.

EEPL Team specializes in mechanical maintenance and provides services such as vibration analysis, Eddy current testing, laser alignment, thermography, and fuel/oil analysis.

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