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Digitizing Fire Safety Vaccifire’s Innovative Fire App

Managing fire safety manually poses a significant challenge for every building or industrial facility management team. Vaccifire introduces a unique Fire App System designed to digitalize fire system audits and services for your premises. This system operates through a unique QR code installed at equipment requiring service. Upon completion of servicing, customers can digitally certify the work done with a digital signature, eliminating the need for printing and promoting eco-sensitivity by saving trees.

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Clients have the flexibility to view and download any service report by selecting the desired time period. Technicians scan the QR code after servicing the equipment and update the status of equipment in the Fire App installed on their mobile devices. Real-time updates allow clients to monitor the status of their equipment conveniently and receive summarized data at their fingertips.

Through the customer portal, accessible anytime and anywhere, clients can approve spare offers and access Form B Certificate and Mock Drill Certificate after a successful audit. The web-based portal ensures easy access from smartphones. To access the Customer Portal, visit www.vaccifire.com and click on the Customer Portal Login tab available at the top right-hand side of the website’s homepage. Authorized credentials are required for portal access.

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