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As an Authorized Channel Partner for M/S Thermax, we bring a wealth of experience in system design, erection, and commissioning of vapor absorption chillers. Operating primarily in the West Region covering Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa, we pride ourselves on our expertise in partnering with Thermax, a global leader in vapor absorption cooling systems.

Thermax chillers are renowned worldwide for their reliability and efficiency, finding extensive applications in both industrial processes and air conditioning. Our cooling solutions encompass a wide range of vapor absorption chillers, utilizing various heat sources such as steam, exhaust, hot water, and other fuels to provide efficient cooling solutions.

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Annual Service Contract: Under our Annual Service Contract, we offer top-notch services aimed at ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of chillers for our customers. Our team of technical experts conducts regular inspections of the chillers, performing advanced maintenance activities to keep them operating at peak efficiency. By providing routine service support, we minimize unplanned downtime, optimize maintenance budgets, improve shutdown planning, and help our clients meet their production goals effectively.

Overhauling: Our overhauling services are designed to enhance the functionality and reliability of chillers, ensuring they meet serviceable standards. Whether it’s a partial or complete disassembly of the chiller, our meticulous approach enables us to identify any damaged, defective, or worn-out parts. Through meticulous replacement, reassembly, testing, and trial runs, we guarantee that your chiller performs flawlessly post-service, delivering optimal cooling performance.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere service provision; it encompasses a holistic understanding of our clients’ needs and a dedication to delivering solutions that exceed expectations. By partnering with us, clients benefit not only from our technical expertise but also from our unwavering commitment to their success.
In today’s competitive landscape, where downtime can translate into significant losses, proactive maintenance and reliable service are indispensable. With our comprehensive range of services, we empower our clients to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and performance of their cooling systems, ensuring uninterrupted operations and maximum productivity.

In conclusion, our partnership with Thermax, coupled with our extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, positions us as the preferred choice for vapor absorption chiller solutions and services. Whether it’s routine maintenance, annual service contracts, or complete overhauling, we are committed to delivering excellence at every step, helping our clients achieve their operational goals and drive business success.

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