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Fire Safety Services In Pune

When it comes to modern infrastructure, fire safety is the most important aspect of it. For every industrial, commercial, and residential facility, you must take sufficient fire safety measures to avoid disaster. 

However, fire safety in India is often neglected because of several reasons such as, 

  • Unawareness
  • Lack of Equipment
  • Lack of Training
  • Lack of Repair & Maintenance

But if you are in Pune, these issues will no longer bother you because now you can hire top-class fire fighting contractors in Pune. Elixir Engineering Pvt Ltd. Is one of the best fire safety companies in Pune, and we offer complete fire safety solutions for all sorts of infrastructures. From large industrial settings to offices and homes, you can contact us at any time for all your fire safety requirements. 

Here’s a glimpse of our services for you. 

World-Class Equipment

We can provide highly customized fire safety equipment for your factory, office or home. Due to our vast experience in fire prevention systems and technical facility management (TFM), we are capable of building highly sophisticated fire safety systems on demand. 

Auditing and Training

Apart from installations, we also provide robust auditing and training services for businesses in Pune. Our experts can train your staff with effective preventive measures that will eliminate risks and hazards. With our fire annual maintenance contract, we can conduct extensive auditing and help you with your requirements for fire NOC Pune.

Repair And Maintenance

You can also partner with us for maintenance and repairs of your fire safety equipment. Our experts will always test the equipment well after repair to ensure the best performance. 

As you can see, we have designed complete fire safety solutions for you so that you can rely on one single service provider for all your fire safety needs. And that’s what makes us the best fire fighting service in Pune. So don’t wait for a disaster. Contact us now and get all your fire safety issues sorted out.