Effectiveness of On-line Magnetic Filteration System on Vapor Absorption Machines : A Case Study of Sanatan Textiles, Silvassa


Sanatan Textiles, based in Silvassa, commissioned their chiller model SS80ACUCH /01 in February 2012. The chiller performed trouble-free for 5 years till 2017. It faced a significant challenge in 2017 when an external practical issue caused the evaporator tube to fail, resulting in the loss of 500 kgs of lithium bromide. After replenishing the lost absorbent, the chiller continued to function trouble-free for three more years. However, after this period, the lithium bromide started to turn black, and the machine experienced crystallization issues three times. To address these concerns and prevent further failures, Sanatan Textiles agreed to a solution proposed by the Elixir technical team viz: installing an online magnetic filter and considering the replacement of the absorbent pump.

Chiller History and Previous Incident:

The SS80ACUCH /01 chiller was commissioned in February 2012 and operated without major issues until 2017. At that time, a practical problem with the chilled water (CHW) system caused the evaporator tube to fail, leading to the loss of 500 kgs of lithium bromide. Prompt action was taken, and the lost absorbent was replenished with 500 kgs of fresh lithium bromide. This swift response ensured the chiller’s smooth operation was restored.

Trouble-Free Operation and Subsequent Crystallization:

Following the incident in 2017, the chiller continued to function seamlessly for the next three years. However, after this period, the lithium bromide began to change color, indicating potential impurities. Consequently, the machine experienced crystallization issues three times. Crystallization poses a significant threat to the chiller’s performance and overall efficiency, leading to disruptions and possible downtime.

Proposed Solutions for Enhanced Performance:

To prevent further crystallization problems and enhance the chiller’s performance, Elixir’s technical team (in consultation with Thermax Product Experts) proposed a two-fold solution:

Installation of an Online Magnetic Filter:  An online magnetic filter is an effective method to remove impurities and debris from the chiller’s system continuously. This installation can significantly reduce the risk of crystallization and ensure smoother operation.

Replacement of the Absorbent Pump: As the chiller has been in operation for several years, it is essential to evaluate the condition of the absorbent pump. A new, efficient pump can help maintain proper circulation and reduce the likelihood of crystallization.

Customer Agreement and Collaboration:

The technical team at Sanatan Textiles led by Mr. V.V Reddy, understood the potential benefits and the need to prevent future failures, and agreed to proceed with the installation of the online magnetic filter. This decision reflects the customer’s commitment to improving the chiller’s performance and reducing maintenance-related issues.

Actions Taken:

  • Installation of Online Magnetic Filter:

Elixir implemented the proposed solution of installing an online magnetic filter in their chiller system. This filter was designed to continuously remove impurities and debris from the system, reducing the risk of crystallization and improving overall chiller performance.

  • Regular Cleaning of the Filter:

To ensure the filter’s effectiveness, the maintenance team at Sanatan Textiles diligently cleaned the online magnetic filter at regular intervals. They performed the first cleaning 15 days after installation and the second cleaning 15 days after the first cleaning. This regular maintenance ensured the filter remained free from any accumulated debris, maximizing its efficiency.

  • Monitoring Lithium Bromide Samples:

To gauge the impact of the online magnetic filter on the chiller’s performance, Elixir monitored the condition of lithium bromide samples before the installation of the filter and again after one month of its installation.


The results obtained from the actions taken conclusively demonstrate the effectiveness of the online magnetic filter in enhancing chiller performance at Sanatan Textiles in the following ways:

Reduced Crystallization Incidents: After the installation of the online magnetic filter, the chiller experienced a significant reduction in crystallization incidents. By continuously removing impurities and debris, the filter helped maintain the purity of the chiller’s circulating fluid, preventing the formation of crystals that could disrupt the system.

Improved Chiller Efficiency: With fewer crystallization issues and a cleaner chiller system, the overall efficiency of the chiller improved. Reduced downtime due to maintenance and repairs contributed to enhanced productivity and cost savings for Sanatan Textiles.

Sustainable Performance: The regular cleaning and monitoring of the filter ensured that it remained highly effective throughout its operation. This proactive approach to maintenance helped sustain the chiller’s improved performance over an extended period.

In conclusion, the implementation of the online magnetic filter proved to be a highly successful solution for Sanatan Textiles’ chiller model SS80ACUCH /01. By mitigating crystallization issues and improving overall efficiency, the filter has become an indispensable component of the chiller system. This success story exemplifies the value of investing in advanced filtration technologies and proactive maintenance to optimize chiller performance and achieve operational excellence.

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