Kuwait, Dombivali & Thane Fire Tragedy Decoded

The Kuwait Labour Camp Tragedy: It is a classic example of a failed PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION system in the building. If the passive fire protection systems were installed and maintained correctly, the smoke and heat from the fire on the ground floor would NOT have travelled upwards and affected the sleeping workers in the building.Further, Read More

Maintaining Clear Lift Lobbies and Staircases: Vital Fire Safety Measures in High-Rise Buildings as per the National Building Code of India 2016

In the realm of fire safety within high-rise buildings, the significance of maintaining unobstructed lift lobbies and staircases cannot be overstated. The National Building Code of India (NBC) 2016, a comprehensive set of guidelines aimed at ensuring the safety and sustainability of structures, emphasizes the criticality of this aspect. The potential risks and dire consequences Read More

Effectiveness of On-line Magnetic Filteration System on Vapor Absorption Machines : A Case Study of Sanatan Textiles, Silvassa

Introduction Sanatan Textiles, based in Silvassa, commissioned their chiller model SS80ACUCH /01 in February 2012. The chiller performed trouble-free for 5 years till 2017. It faced a significant challenge in 2017 when an external practical issue caused the evaporator tube to fail, resulting in the loss of 500 kgs of lithium bromide. After replenishing the Read More

Protecting Lives and Property: The Importance of Regular Fire System Maintenance in Old Buildings

Protecting Lives and Property: The Importance of Regular Fire System Maintenance in Old Buildings

Old buildings possess a unique charm and historical significance that cannot be replicated in new constructions. Their architectural details and historical value make them cherished landmarks. However, with the beauty and character of old buildings comes the responsibility of maintaining their safety, especially when it comes to fire safety systems. Neglecting regular fire system maintenance Read More

Everything You Need to Know about Fire Suppression Systems

Because of their exceptional benefits, fire suppression systems are rapidly becoming more popular around the globe. A fire suppression system installation in your workplace or house can save you from a lot of damage. These modern systems are based on the principle “Prevention is better than Cure”, and provide immediate, on-site protection against fire. Let us know Read More

Thermax heat pump

Thermax Make Vapour absorptions heat pump working principal. The heating cause the solution to release the absorbed refrigerant in the from vapour. Vapour is cooled in a separate chamber to become liquid refrigerant.

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