Everything You Need to Know about Fire Suppression Systems

Because of their exceptional benefits, fire suppression systems are rapidly becoming more popular around the globe. A fire suppression system installation in your workplace or house can save you from a lot of damage. These modern systems are based on the principle “Prevention is better than Cure”, and provide immediate, on-site protection against fire. Let us know about these systems in some detail.

What are Fire Suppression Systems?

A fire suppression system, in short, is a system that suppresses or extinguishes a fire within a structure. These systems differ from fire sprinkler systems. Fire sprinklers use large quantities of water to extinguish or control a fire. Although excess water can cause damage to the building or room contents, it is capable of saving numerous lives. These systems use different types of suppressing agents in place of water. These suppressing agents can be chemical, inert gases, as well as CO2. These agents are unique as they can protect sensitive equipment and other contents inside buildings while also suppressing fires. A suppression system is designed to prevent a fire from spreading and to reduce potential damage. These systems are often activated at an earlier stage of the fire’s growth as compared to fire sprinklers.

How do these fire suppression systems operate?

There are different types of fire suppression systems that use different technologies to suppress a fire. Let us learn about three of them.

  • Clean agent fire suppression or waterless fire suppression system: This type of system is installed in areas that consist of sensitive equipment like data centres or server rooms. In this system, eco-friendly chemicals are released to cut off the oxygen from coming in contact with the fire to put it out. This system does not cause a lot of mess, and the chemicals that are used do not cause any harm to the environment.
  • CO2 fire suppression system: This system uses carbon dioxide to put out the fire. This is also a waterless system of suppression. It is cost-efficient and does not result in a lot of mess.
  • Kitchen fire suppression systems: These systems are specially designed for commercial kitchens and restaurants. These are made to suppress grease fires that require the correct type of chemicals. In contrast to the waterless systems, this system uses a fine mist to cut off the oxygen supply to the fire.  

What are the benefits of a fire suppression system?

There are various benefits of installing a fire suppression system; some of them are mentioned below—

  • These systems are safe and very easy to use. They activate automatically so that no human intervention is required. They also offer manual override in emergencies.
  • These modern fire suppression devices provide an immediate response to smoke and fire compared to the previous generation’s fire detection systems.
  • In many cases, the fuel or electrical source of the fire keeps on feeding the fire for a long time. But due to the use of powerful agents, these systems are capable of eliminating the fuel source, thus suppressing the fire.

Given the availability of a wide variety of these systems, it becomes confusing to choose the right one for yourself. The choice is dependent on the occupants, facility, and materials that you need to protect. Therefore, to avoid making mistakes and choosing the right system for your office, you should consult fire suppression system installation companies that can assist you in your search.

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