Kuwait, Dombivali & Thane Fire Tragedy Decoded

The Kuwait Labour Camp Tragedy:

It is a classic example of a failed PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION system in the building. If the passive fire protection systems were installed and maintained correctly, the smoke and heat from the fire on the ground floor would NOT have travelled upwards and affected the sleeping workers in the building.
Further, this tragedy highlights the pathetic state of labour camps built not only in Kuwait – but in our country as well. Many more workers are staying in absolutely unsafe conditions on construction sites – right next to flammable materials like paints, plywood, plastic, etc. In addition, the electrical wiring and appliances used at these labour camps are cheap and prone to overloading and short circuits.

The Dombivali Factory Fire:

The Dombivali factory fire highlights the danger of electrical short-circuits. It has brought down 2 large factories! We need to take electrical installations very seriously. The use of loose wires in powering an appliance, overloading a power socket by connecting multiple appliances, undersized wires, badly insulted wires, understated switches and connectors etc., the list is long. We need to ensure that we get ALL wiring and repairs to the electrical system done by a qualified electrician.
Another lesson is NEVER to store inflammable material next to an electrical switchboard / Panel. Here, the short-circuit fire was aggravated due to the proximity of flammable chemicals.

The Thane Residence Fire:

This fire tells us to abide by the fire professional’s advice to not venture back into a fire: “ONCE OUT – STAY OUT.” The Thane businessman would not have lost his life if he had not gone in again to extinguish the fire or take his belongings!!
Fighting a fire bigger than 1 foot x 1 foot is for professionals only. For that, they are better trained and better equipped. Fighting large fires with fire extinguishers or buckets of water is foolhardy.
No amount of money or valuables is worth your life. – “ONCE OUT – STAY OUT”

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